Cybersecurity Leader Onclave Networks Selected to Participate in the 5G Open Innovation Lab

Onclave Networks, Inc.

The Lab creates an opportunity for innovators, global platforms, and enterprises to collaborate in the global applied innovation ecosystem.

Cybersecurity innovator Onclave Networks Inc. was selected as one of the businesses to participate in the development program to innovate with global companies and thought leaders in the Fall 2021 5G Open Innovation Lab based in Seattle. Onclave was selected after having established itself as an innovator in Zero Trust micro-segmentation and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), which are foundations to the Onclave Trusted Platform™ network communications solution.

"We're pleased to be joining the 5G OI Lab to help accelerate our work in creating Zero Trust networks and improving enterprise network security," said Onclave CEO Don Stroberg. "We look forward to collaborating with other innovators and industry leaders to develop applications that can prevent future breaches that could harm not just companies but customers, employees, organizations, and individuals worldwide."

The 5G OI Lab's founding and corporate partners include Accenture, Amdocs, Avanade, Dell Technologies, Ericsson, F5, Intel, Microsoft, Spirent, T-Mobile and VMware. The partner-centric approach to applied innovation brings together leading startup innovators, global technology platforms, and industry leaders to collaborate on the rapid development and deployment of next-generation technology and business solutions.

"We selected Onclave for our program because their team has developed a compelling security platform bridging the gap between IT and OT systems for once and for all," said Jim Brisimitzis, founder of 5G Open Innovation Lab. "The GSMA predicts total IoT connections to reach 24 billion devices by 2025. These devices represent security risks to enterprise and Carrier networks globally. We are excited to have the chance to work with them."

As cybercrime has grown in frequency and severity, Onclave has been at the forefront of the shift from a traditional centralized security stack to edge security. Extending on the Zero Trust security principles, the Onclave Trusted Platform discovers all endpoints and places designated endpoints in cryptographically separated enclaves invisible to attackers. The platform monitors all endpoints for anomalous behavior before it grants access - allowing visibility and secure, trusted communications between remote users, devices, applications, workloads, data centers and public cloud environments.

"Onclave has created a secure, trusted network communications platform to prevent breaches and reduce cyber-attack risks for enterprise networks and supply chains," said Stroberg. "We address OT/IoT cybersecurity with the understanding that security breaches impact numerous aspects of a company's ability to operate effectively and can even put lives at risk."

"Today, damages can include loss of sensitive customer data, compliance risks/violations, business disruptions/reputations and even loss of lives from breached medical devices and systems supporting patients in an ICU. Onclave's approach is to stay on the cutting edge of addressing current and future cybersecurity challenges. We believe Onclave was selected to participate in the Lab for these reasons, and we're looking forward to collaborating with like-minded companies and thought leaders in this space," said Stroberg.

The Lab facilitates collaboration between corporations, academia, government institutions and start-ups who work closely with founding and corporate partners to accelerate monetization opportunities of 5G, edge computing and other use cases and solutions. Lab Partners provide business and technology assets, resources, and mentorship. Since May 2020, The Lab has partnered with 69 teams and raised over a half a billion dollars in pre-program funding, with 10 teams raising an additional $100 million venture funding post program.

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About Onclave Networks, Inc

Onclave Networks, Inc. (McLean, VA) is a global cybersecurity leader securing new and legacy Operational Technology (OT) and IoT/IIOT devices including those using 5G. Onclave dramatically reduces cyberattack surfaces, breaches, network complexity, and costly overhead created by shared infrastructure - enabling a more efficient and secure way to operate and communicate. Delivering an integrated solution based on Zero Trust and leveraging proven methodologies used by the DoD, Onclave is well-positioned to protect vulnerable endpoints across all sectors, on-prem and in the cloud. Onclave brings real trust to communications by securing networks from edge to core.

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