Onclave Networks, Inc. Partners With Loko AI to Deliver Zero Trust Network Security to AI-Powered Video Surveillance

Onclave Networks, a global cybersecurity leader that specializes in securing operational technology (OT/IoT) through private networks, has joined forces with Loko AI to deliver Zero Trust to their higher levels of data security and network protection initiatives. 

Starting as a direct response to the Route 91 Festival Shooting in Las Vegas, Loko AI discovered a huge gap in surveillance and monitoring technology, especially around real-time incident detection. In response to this need, Loko AI launched Caretaker, a real-time Autonomous Surveillance platform that makes Video Management Systems obsolete. 

"We built Caretaker to augment humans to make them more efficient at their jobs and to give them a far greater situational awareness than ever before. You will never again waste precious resources and man-hours sitting in front of a computer screen waiting for a security, safety or operational incident to happen. Caretaker is game-changing and now delivers Zero Trust+ network protection provided by Onclave," said Joseph Zaki, Founder and CEO of Loko AI.

"We're really excited to be working with Onclave to deliver Zero Trust to our customers who require higher levels of data security and network protection," Joseph continues. "This essential and complementary pairing of technologies between our companies will accelerate Loko's momentum and open new markets of opportunity by our combined strength."

Onclave's Zero Trust+ network solution is based on the methods and technology used by the Department of Defense (DoD) and U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) to protect sensitive communications related to U.S. National Security. Onclave developed a national-grade security solution that does not rely on traditional IT infrastructure and has its own root of trust and management system that works in every infrastructure.

"Our network protection platform is designed from the ground up and built with Zero Trust in mind. We start with a closed, secure network and go beyond just detection with continuous real-time monitoring, isolation and containment capabilities to prevent data breaches," said Don Stroberg, CEO of Onclave. "We are excited to work with Loko AI to provide the most secure, easy-to-manage, and cost-effective solution to protect their high levels of data and network security needs." 

About Onclave Networks, Inc.

Based in the Washington, D.C., area, Onclave Networks, Inc. is a global cybersecurity leader that specializes in securing operational technology (OT/IoT) through private networks. Onclave provides the first true Zero Trust secure communications platform that protects both legacy and new operational technologies from cyberattacks and other types of unauthorized access. Onclave makes trusted secure communications a standard for all by providing the fastest path to a more secure, simplified, and cost-effective alternative to today's solutions. For more information, visit onclavenetworks.com.

About Loko AI

Based in Irvine, California, Loko AI is a pioneer in Autonomous Systems using Artificial Intelligence that aims to provide security and safety to essential businesses, communities, and schools through real-time human behavior and weapon detection. Enabling real-time weapon detection using industry-leading AI platform engineering, Loko AI's proprietary platform takes any video input type and instantly provides actionable insights for security, health and safety and automation. For more information, visit loko.ai. 

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Onclave Networks, Inc.

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Loko AI


Source: Onclave Networks, Inc.